So you’re ready to access new capital to grow your business. Do you know what it takes to successfully raise capital? It takes more than just a good idea and a good story. You’ll need to be fully prepared. You must comply with securities regulations, corporate governance and present your investment opportunity in a clear and transparent way.

At SeedUps, we review hundreds of applications from companies seeking capital. All too often, these companies are not ready to present their opportunity to the investment community, not because they don’t have a good team and business plan, but they are not organized to reach out to investors in a focused and compliant manner.

Our Investor Readiness Program (“IRP”) is designed to get companies ready to present and pitch their deal to investors that ask the tough questions. We guide you through the capital raising process by helping you:

  • Select the appropriate type of funding – what options your company has and what best suits your stage of business
  • Prepare the appropriate financing materials to present to potential investors or funders
  • Create and deliver a compelling pitch to potential funders, and
  • Position your the company to be ready to raise private capital

We provide education and training on what it takes to successfully raise capital including:

  • How to raise private capital – the securities regulations and other things to consider
  • Where to find capital – government, banks and alternative finance
  • What investors look for and how to answer the tough questions
Financing Structure

Equity, debt, convertible debentures and revenue royalties are all different ways to raise funds for your business. We help you determine the best structure based on your stage of company and the type of investor you are looking for. We have standardized templates that will help you get the documents you need to execute a capital raise.

Pitch Coaching

An important component in attracting investors is the communication of the story. No matter how good a product or service a company has developed, investors will not be lining up if the story isn’t communicated effectively. Statistics show that companies that have received coaching on how to present to investors have more success in raising capital. Our program is designed to help you create a well-structured investor presentation. Founders participate in practice sessions and receive feedback on the presentation delivery and follow-up questions in order to be fully prepared to be in front of investors.

  • One on one sessions with a pitch coach
  • Review of investor presentation and structure
  • Practice sessions in a live setting
Supporting Documents

We help you prepare the marketing and financial documents needed to raise capital successfully.

  • Marketing materials – company summaries and pitch decks
  • Business documents – financial models and business plans
  • Financing documents – terms sheets, subscription agreements and other offering documents
Due Diligence

Being prepared and organized to undertake a due diligence review by a potential investor is a critical step in successfully securing capital. We help you create a well-organized and issue free due diligence package. Your potential investors will ask for corporate records, patent applications, employment contracts, historical financials, financial models, valuation methodologies and detailed business plans to execute your plan. We guide you through a diligence process to get your records in order so you can quickly and accurately provide the information to your investors.


An important part of a successful capital raise is marketing. We’ll identify relevant investors and provide the company with an executable marketing strategy to get your story out to potential investors.

Program Costs

We custom design programs based on your needs. Generally, fees range from $10,000 – $20,000 inclusive. The program is supported by the Alberta Innovates (AITF) voucher program, so Alberta companies may qualify for 75% funding by way of  a grant. Companies in other provinces in Canada may also be eligible to participate in government grants where applicable.

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